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Remove the Chains of Child Abuse

ALL donations during 2017 can earn Ark of Hope a $2,500 grant to further our global support for child abuse, trafficking and bullying survivors! Thank you KidGuard!

Tens of thousands of youth are victimized every day just in the U.S. Too many live with PTSD symptoms, constantly reliving their abuse and afraid of the world they live in. Help us grow our global efforts to break the chains of child abuse & trafficking for child victims. Ark of Hope for Children helps get victims to safety, assess needs, connect them to localized professional help and provide e-mentoring care throughout their recovery for survivors around the world.

Funding from this KidGuard effort will help us rescue a survivor that aged-out of foster care and spends most days homeless. We will travel across many states by plane, then drive our brave and trusting still traumatized survivor back to Florida to live with us to receive the support they have lacked for years through their very broken foster care experience. What we do virtually and globally for many survivors through our redesigned Removing Chains app, we will have to honor of doing personally for this one. Please help us by allowing this rescue trip in the first quarter of 2017 to take nothing from our current funds. That would be an amazing and encouraging blessing.

And to add to that excitement….

Donations before March 31, 2017 will help Ark of Hope be in the running for a grant of $2,500!

Please share! Partnered together we are breaking the chains for those victimized as children by human trafficking, child abuse and bullying.

*Online donations here are processed via PayPal using credit card or your PayPal balance. Offline donations must be mailed using the address provided once an amount is selected. Thank you!

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