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Man charged with ordering rape of 346 children

Why does Ark of Hope For Children​ warn so heavily about #Predators online? The linked story provides our answer. Video’s of, and encouragement to perpetrate #ChildExploitation, #ChildTrafficking and even #RitualAbuse for a fee are in horrifically high in demand and so much more rampant than you know. Read the attached story from RT and…..

Please wake up world for the sake of our children, and drop a few dollars in to help Blair Corbett​ and Ark of Hope as we attempt to virtually mentor and the survivors around the world through Removing Chains our live chat survivor support site. (We assisted three brand new survivors that contacted us in reporting for a total of five victims in two countries in the last 48 hours). We will continue to mentor these survivors for months and even years if that is what they need.

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